Research & Solutions

 - Researching deeds, financial records, continued care 
- Gather and compile data for lawyers, accountants and
other professionals
- Liaison with family members, accountants & lawyers - Evaluate data and analyze solutions.

Individuals, Estates & Trusts

- Draft and organize documents
- Arrange transfer of assets into trusts
- Settle estate matters
- Complete, submit, and follow through
with application processes
Looking for someone to help with complicated paperwork?

   I am a seasoned professional, with over 30 years' experience as a paralegal, helping people understand and resolve personal, financial, real estate and legal matters.

   I enjoy helping people with tasks that may seem overwhelming - collecting important information, filing required forms, researching real estate records, organizing confusing paperwork, and meeting deadlines.  I suggest I may be of use for helping with:

Lisa Scott - Paralegal, Title Abstractor  & Consultant

As a paralegal, I help people understand and navigate through difficult processes. 
I’m expert at processing complicated paperwork accurately and efficiently. Although only licensed accountants and lawyers can provide tax advice or legal opinions, I offer cost-effective, skillful solutions to the demanding tasks associated with personal, financial, and legal matters.
I can be available for a personal interview at any convenient time, and I can travel.  Personal attention and confidentiality are assured.

Mailing address:    Lisa Scott, 17 Diamond Ledge Road, Center Sandwich, New Hampshire 03227

Email address:         

Accounting & Businesses

- Gather, organize and present data 
- Routine and complex accounting tasks
- Manage employee records and filings